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  • GAS:  Served by Entex; 6" transmission line; 250-375 PSIG transmission line pressure; 20 pounds distribution pressure; 1000 BTU/cu. ft. rating
  • WATER:  One city well plus one lake (if needed) 860,000 maximum system capacity; 225,000 gals. per day; 325,000 gals. maxim daily use to date; 65-90 lbs. pressure on mains; 25,000 gals. overhead storage capacity; 8-6-5-4-3-2 mains; 95% of 8 & 6 mains looped.
  • Sewer:  Aeration ponds treatment plant; 200,000 maximum capacity; 110,000 maximum daily use.
  • TELEPHONE: Served by GTE; Dial system includes touch-tone; call waiting; call-forwarding; 3-way calling; speed dialing.
  • ELECTRICITY:  Served by TU Electric; 7200/125000 distribution voltage; One transmission line.
  • CABLE TELEVISION:  Friendship Cable TV; microwave and two satellite receivers; 31 channels.

Health Care

  • Grapeland Clinic, staffed by Dr. E.G. Cutshaw, M.D.
  • Family Dentistry Clinic, staffed by Dr. Don Knight D.D.S.
  • Walling's Pharmacy, staffed by a registered pharmacist with emergency service available.

Emergency Services

  • Grapeland's Emergency Medical Service maintains two well-equipped ambulances in Grapeland on 24-hour call, with 26 trained emergency medical personnel.
  • Grapeland Volunteer Fire Department offers 24-hour call, with 30 trained firefighters.
  • 9-1-1 System in County
  • Hospital facilities:  Crockett, 11 miles; Palestine, 25 miles.

Education Facilities

Grapeland Independent School District serves the city with Early Childhood, Kindergarten, Elementary, Junior and Senior High Schools.  Elementary, grades pre-kindergarten through grade 5, junior high, grades 6-8, and high school, grades 9-12, are housed on separate campuses.  All new schools facilities were built in the 1950s; high school gymnasium and auditorium in 1960s.  A new addition to the elementary school was completed in 1984.  A new football stadium which includes an excellent 8-lane track was completed in 1992 and a new band hall was completed in 1996. Grapeland I.S.D. is a class 2A school.


  • Highways: U.S. Hwy 287 / State Hwy 19
  • Rail:  The railroad runs north and south through the city of Grapeland
  • Airports:  Houston County Airport is 14 miles south of Grapeland.  The airport, located east of Crockett on Hwy 7, has 3,200 feet of lighted asphalt runway.

Financial Institutions

Telephone Numbers

  • City Office - (936)-687-2115
  • Fire Dept - (936)-687-2222
  • Fire Marshal - (936)-687-9976
  • Emergency - 911